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On Thursday, April 21, 2011, Laura Steenberge presented the basic tenets of the Church of the Red Marble to a room of rapt disciples, as part of Signify, Sanctify, Believe. Collected here are miniatures of the diagrams she drew during her sermon.



Is there another perspective of reality underlying the life of daily experience?  Does it matter if it actually exists?  Are there particular words or images that can describe it?  


We at the Church of the Red Marble believe that we can perceive this layer if we choose, regardless of its existence or the various symbols that describe it.  We believe in the power of ritual and believe that we are empowered to invent rituals, symbols, music, and other actions that can connect us to the underlying reality.


We invite you join us in our red marble ritual.  We would like to sing for you and maybe even with you, and share our thoughts about metaphors of shape.  At this service we will focus on the hidden origin of religious symbols and how their meanings paradoxically crystallize and bend in time.


We study and practice the invention of rituals, the relationship of nature words to religious words, the use of shape metaphors to illustrate social phenomena, and the power of music to transcend the individual experience.


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Church of the Red Marble

Laura Steenberge


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