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Alexis Disselkoen, The Church of Slumber, welcome to the Church of slumber, 2011

Claire Cronin, Asher Hartman, Roman Corfas, Jessica Snow, Nisa Schoonhoven, Adam Overton, Cecilia Corrigan, The Society for Salvific Love & Night Vision, no.1, 2009

Holly Gressley, New Age Graphics, Volume 1: Energy Systems, 2011

Noah Eli Gordon, The Source, 2011

Riah Buchanan, Captain Jack's Body, collected by Riah Buchanan, October 7th 2009

coming soon  Tanya Rubbak, rock catalog, 2011

coming soon  Tanya Rubbak, the psychic and the cat, 2010

coming soon  The AutoSanctification Bureau, The AutoSanctification Bureau, 2011

coming soon  The Coracle, Matador Oven, ed., The Coracle: An Introduction, 2011

Vera Brunner-Sung and Colleen Corcoran, Stephens Kangaroo Rat, 2009

Victor Hu, 1-900 Cards, 2011


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